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When customers or employees visit your business, your carpets should make a good first impression. Don't let dirty, stained or smelly carpets take away from your brand image.


Have the carpets in your home or business cleaned professionally by our expert technicians. We have over 15 years of experience in carpet cleaning and stain removal. We GUARANTEE our cleaning services.


Extend the life of your carpet

Dirt, dust, salt, and allergens not only ruin the appearance of your carpet, they make your carpet age much faster. Carpets that are regularly  cleaned and properly cared for last longer. Clean carpets also improve your indoor air quality, which is great for your customers, employees, and the environment.

• Commercial carpet cleaning

• Hot-water extraction

• Stain removal

• Gum removal from floors

• Odor removal

• Chewing-gum removal

• Scotchgard protection

• Deodorizing

• Regular maintenance

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